About the More to Be Courses

Would you like to put on your student hat and dig into the kind biblically-steeped content that can lead to lasting change and impact? That's the purpose for all of our courses at More to Be. They are each designed to meet a specific need in your life and journey of faith.

Infuse Life Transformation Course

Gain soul-strength through a fresh encounter with God and His Word while working through Meet the New You and uncovering women in the Bible who were a work in progress, just like you. learn more here

Impact Mentor Training Course

Discover how simply it really easy to serve as a biblical mentoring through this course built upon the principles found in Impact Together: Biblical Mentoring Simplified. This course is perfect for foundational training for a mentoring ministry as well as personal growth. learn more here

Ignite Missional Marketing Simplified Course

If you have a tribe you want to reach but the idea of marketing scares you silly, this course is made for you. Created specifically for those leading their own practice, ministry, or business, the Ignite Course reshapes the idea of marketing into the heart of what it is -- serving those God has called you to reach. It's a perfect course for writers, speakers, coaches, consultants, counselors, ministry leaders, and small business owners. learn more here